Sunday, January 20

The Curse of the Modern Writer

Okay. On Tuesday I finally received my ITIN from the US IRS at TX 78714-9342. I needed it for my W-8BEN but first I’d had to fill out my W-7 and send it to the IRS in the UK at W1K 6AH. This is necessary for getting exception 1d under Treaty Article 12. W-BEN then went to HSG at NY 10013. @mraffel will be pleased.
Meanwhile, I had to go to NW1 3ER to talk to someone about HMRC’s 64-8 and CWF-1. I needed to bring my P60 with me, as well as evidence of 656LM1, or maybe 581L. That relates to PAYE as well as NI. It also has to take account of LGPS. My WDAs and my AIAs will be sorted properly. Good. I don’t want a Section 9A. VAT isn’t an issue at the moment. Phew. My MW51’s CO2 will be high and so not beneficial. Boo. (But at least it passed its MOT). I’ll also need my IBAN.
All of this is necessary because @jgetzler sold my 100k MS to those lovely folks at L-2338, who are releasing it on their .com and sites. It is now known as ISBN-10: 1611099331 and ISBN-13: 978- 1611099331.
And you wonder why I’m happier in the medieval world? Over and out.

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